Belle (Fiona)
"Donnamarie's love for the breed and her Bulldogs is obvious. We brought Fiona home in June with our supplies and helpful instructions. Fiona has been a joy and Donnamarie has been there to answer any of our questions and concerns. I would certainly recommend her as a breeder to anyone looking to bring a bulldog into their life."
Gwen Walden

"Donnamarie and her husband, Patrick, are a pleasure to deal with and truly love the dogs. Donnamarie calls herself their great-grandma, and I'm pretty sure the dogs agree with her. We couldn't be happier with Dozer. Donnamarie is always available for questions and advice. You can't go wrong with Dags Dawgs."

Sherman (Thor)
"We are sending you our appreciation for our amazing Thor that is a direct testimony to the care and time you devote to raise your puppies for their forever homes. Thor is a one of a kind personality and lives to make us smile. You sent us home with all the tools we needed to be successful bulldog owners and it is so comforting to know you are a phone call away if we have any questions. We are thankful to you because Thor is family."
Rhonda Fell

Bella Bailey
"Bella Bailey is a wonderful dog, she is sweet, funny and a bit of a bugger. She loves all of her brothers and sisters and she has 6. She is always by my side and loves to watch t.v. in the evenings and she does really watch it. I just took Bella to the vet and she weighs 45 lbs. If you are thinking of a bull dog as a member of your family and that is what they are then you could not pick a better bread. Donnamarie is a kind and caring breader and you will be very happy with your bull dog."
Pat Bustard

Otis and Lily
"Hi Donnamarie,
Here is a picture of Otis and Lily at six months sitting big! Rick and I are having fun with the dogs two really different personallities. They are both people dogs, have to be with us as much as possible. I think that goes back to all the loving care you gave them as young puppies. I'm glad we picked D'Ag's Dawgs for our Bulldogs. Take Care."

Rick & Sally